Thursday, January 8, 2009

Everyone else is doing it...

Well I figured since everyone else is blogging that I would give it a try. I can't make any guarantees that this will not be the lamest blog ever though so don't expect too much! Most of you probably know all the latest happenings in our family but if you don't here it is. We moved from Cicero, NY to Douglassville, PA 6 months ago and we are still adjusting to being in a new area, new ward, etc... We love our new house and we are okay with the location, it is a lot like NY here but without all the snow! Eric likes his new job and is glad to have a break from being in the bishopric and then being the bishop(even though it was only 5 months!) and is working in the Primary as the CTR 8 teacher and he is also the cub scout leader for the Bears - and loves it! Karen is keeping busy with 4 boys to care for and teaching sunday school to the 16 & 17 year olds, she also misses all her friends very much!! Tyler is in high school this year and also started seminary this year, he is doing well in both! Sean is in 4th grade this year and already hates doing homework so as you can imagine getting him to do it everyday can be quite a struggle. Aaron is in 1st grade this year and loves it, he was also officially diagnosed this year with a specified learning disability which translates to he is dyslexic. This has been our biggest struggle with Aaron as he gets frustrated trying to read and do math problems but the school has been very supportive and he is getting great services! Adam is still at home with mom all day so he just gets to hang which usually means playing the wii (rock band is his favorite game currently), but he is also a big help and likes to clean and cook! We also have 2 cats who are doing well and have adjusted to the move nicely!

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  1. Very cool Karen!
    I'll check back daily, so BLOG BLOG BLOG!!!
    If yer interested in customizing, check out these cute pages for background layouts...
    Happy blogging. Add me to your list!