Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Aaron's 7th Birthday

Yesterday was Aaron's birthday, he turned 7! He was so excited. We celebrated by having a birthday dinner chosen by the birthday boy which was tacos, of course since this is Aaron's favorite food! Aaron ate 1 taco and Eric asked him if he wanted another one and he said no. Eric asked him if he was full and he said no, he is just too excited to open his presents. We made him wait of course until everyone else was done eating, well almost everyone, and then we served up a delicious ( I know it doesn't look great but it tasted yummy) homemade chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. While Eric was cutting the cake, Aaron started opening his presents. He loves Star Wars so was very excited to see that he mostly got star wars action figures! He was so excited to play with his new toys that he only had one bite of his cake! It was a fun night for us all, including Sean and Adam who were eating the leftover frosting! I am posting either a video or pics. whatever I can get to work!


  1. Hey Karen! This is Beckie Gold (previous Liverpool days) I found you had a blog through Mindy! How are you doing? Your kids are sooo big, I can't believe it.

  2. How about Thursday night? :)
    I'll have Veronica plan a Rockband night!
    See ya Thursday.

    p.s. We miss you SOOOO much too!

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  4. Thursdays are no good since I have kids to get ready for school on Fridays. I am seriously going to come up there one weekend though and leave Eric home with all the kids!!